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April 5th, 2005

10:46 pm: We need to get out more...or get laid...or a combination of the two...
So the started out normally enough...went for an hour run with Nat...damn long, and felt sore...but fast, so I was happy...then taxation meeting = productive...actually talked with Andrew in our commerce computer lounge (best and gayest commie move ever = sitting 10ft apart and talking on msn...this has happened on a couple occasions) I still think I make him a bit nervous, which, for a wanna-be accountant, is kinda cool...or maybe he's just seen my arms, I'm trying to tone it down on the weights :P then gym with April and saw ciara looking hot!...and taxation-essayed it up. So the excitement was overwhelming...and I even almost cared about Marketing Ethics for about 30mins...clearly, something had to give..it did, at about 9:45....I cannot give details, but it involved a very photoshopped pic, the nickname "hungry_mongoose69", and the opening line: "hungry for LOVE"...and there were mentions of spray cheese, shaved hamsters, and man nipples...Ciara and I had quuuiiiiite the time...laughed so hard I almost wet myself..and someone out there probably would've found it sexy. Wow. Accountant and Curator-to-Be gone wild :)

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April 4th, 2005

12:28 pm: No really, I love commerce.
So for the approximately two people who read this thing (and I think that's if I count myself!)...I'm sitting in the Queen's Accounting Assosciation's office, which used to be MY office, and now, god help me, belongs to Angus and Cam, next year's co-chairs...I'm still getting my head around the fact the committee isn't mine anymore, April (my fellow and astoundingly good-looking co-chair) and I are like two parents whose kids left for university, and now have waaay to much space in the house and nothing to do with it...but we're nicely getting over the separation anxiety. I think more free pens than we know what to do with, summer internships, sweet sweet sweatpants, and the large amount of alcohol we will be consuming this weekend do a lot to dull the pain.

It's been an insane couple of days, I've seen more of Goodes Hall than of my own apartment, so I'm also suffering separation anxiety from my housemate, Ciara. Which means her and I will have to have a night of ice cream and hyperness soon...in our pjs...(as I am currently wearing my biz suit full-force now). Otherwise, feeling a little nauseous...not just due to Angus maybe not washing these past few days, but I did a 2k test on the rowing machine at 7am with Nat...well, two actual tests, to be precise. The first one was going ok, but I haven't done ANY ratework, just long and steady stuff...so I more or less died halfway through, then just stroked the rest out...I was going to give up and join field hockey or something, but Nat told me to take 5min rest, then get on and fucking do it again, no matter how slow. So I did. Decent. Not great, and felt very much not great, but something to work from...my own fault, since I hate ratework, and will rather do a 12k run than a couple 5min uber-intense pieces...just want to get on the water, as much as I love group meetings (especially the 5.5 hour extravaganza of last monday, and the 3.5hour enduro-thon on Saturday), I'd rather study with a coffee and a comfy chair...I think Commerce groupwork, onstead of showing you how to work in a team, really just makes you hate people. Or some people, at least...give me a group of cranky lightweights anyday.

Alright, time to haul my ass to my Operations presentation, where I will proceed to make risks and contingencies related to restrucuring the dishwahsing process at Leonard Caf come ALIVE for you! no, really.

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January 10th, 2005

10:41 pm: sweet jesus, I've entered the digital age!
So my dear housemate, Ciara, decided that I had a lack of internet diary in my life. And since my luggage has yet to arrive from BC, and since I have yet to buy my textbooks, here I am. I currently have one "friend" on my list, but I'm cool with that. I would be cooler if all my clothing, etc, that got lost en route from Saltspring Island were here with me, but such is life. It's good to be back, i'm psyching myself up to train again on the erg (aka ergometer, aka rowing machine) to get back in shape....since I kinda hate it, it's hard. Classes are commerce-y, resolutely standing by my decision to take Marketing Ethics for my "soft" business requirement. Yes, it's a bird course. Yes, it'll be total BS. But it manages to annoy everybody who I mention it to. Plus I'm doing two other accounting courses. Plus...haha....best joke ever :) Alright, laundry's almost done (clean undies! gooooo team!) so bedtime...so how the sweet jesus does one sign off these things?

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